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  • Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing Courses

    Blue Sky Climb has been established for over 6 years. We offer a wide range of courses to meet all levels of climbing ability. It doesn't matter how old or young, unfit or uncoordinated, our instructors will find something you'll enjoy climbing. If you are looking for one on one tuition or coaching, you can hire a private guide.

    For those who want to be severely challenged we have over 700 routes in the area! We offer three standard courses (see below). These courses are geared for complete beginners and intermediate climbers. If you are interested in doing something else, or wish to extend a course, then we will be more then happy to accommodate you.

    *Half Day Courses

    • Top rope climbing in paradise!

    • Basic safety instruction

    • Knots skill

    • Hotel pick up and round trip traffic

    *One Day Courses

    • Top rope climbing at all kinds of levels

    • Safety Instruction

    • Rappelling/ Abseiling

    • Hotel pick up and round trip traffic

    *Three Day Climbing Courses

    • Lead climbing and belaying

    • Top ropes climbing and belaying

    • Rappelling

    • Hotel pick up and round trip traffic


    *The courses include our guide and all equipment. The only thing you need to bring is your camera! We keep our guide to student at one guide with no more than three students ensuring high teaching standards.

    For those who are not familiar with climbing here is a brief explanation of some of the terms used to describe the courses:

    Top rope climbing

    This is the way you will start out climbing. Your instructor will first climb to the top of the route and loop the rope through a fixed anchor. Once back on the ground you will be attached to one end of the rope which runs through the anchor at the top of the climb and back down to the instructor. A belay device is a fail-safe device which lets the instructor keep your rope tight. While you climb the instructor tightens the rope, keeping it firm so that if you slip you are safe, or if you get tired you can let go and be suspended in your harness in complete safety.

    This is a great way to learn which leaves you plenty of time and energy to concentrate on climbing or to simply enjoy the view.

    Lead climbing

    We only teach lead climbing on our three day courses. Lead climbing means that the student has to climb up with the rope clipping it into carabineers as they go. This allows the student to feel the thrill of all aspects of the sport as well as giving the confidence to be able to go out and climb with friends after the course.

    The lead climber on ascending the route clips onto the bolts and clips the rope through quick draws. This is the safest and easiest way to lead a climb.


    We have never had an accident on one of our courses, and we'd like to keep it that way. However this doesn't mean we aren't prepared. All of our instructors are experienced; they are trained in first aid and emergency.

    To book courses or If you have any questions or problems please don't hesitate to e-mail us at 642679908@qq.com

    Hope to see you on the rock...

  • Deep Water Soloing

    Deep Water Soloing in Li River-Yangshuo

    The Deep Water Soloing fever has hit Yangshuo this year. Imagine yourself in the beautiful scenery of the Li River, enjoying both climbing and swimming during the hot summer. All you need in a pair of climbing shoes, a little courage and a good guide.

    The Deep Water Soloing experience here in Yangshuo is very different from Thailand. We will guide you all the way and will ensure your complete safety.

    We developed 25 different routes in the past 5 years. We have experience with the techniques the seasons, the currents, the possible submerged rocks, the shading conditions, all of which that makes a real difference for safety and operations. We choose deep but quiet waters with suitable routes for all climbing levels, making sure you will have a lots of fun and a safe trip.

    *Half-day Deep Water Soloing

    • 9:00 Pick-up at your hotel

    • 9:30 Head to the climbing areas. Instructions about the surrounding, the climbing techniques and safety

    • After a small demonstration, begin climbing

    • 11:30 Prepare for the last jump and head back to Yangshuo

    • 12:00 Arrival in Yangshuo.。

    More info

    • Deep Water Soloing only available in Summer and Autumn (other time of the year, the water is too cold and shallow).

    • We know about the submerged rocks because we check those areas in Winter when the water levels are low.

    • You need to know how to swim. We recommend your wear a swimming suit and your finger nails to be cut.

    • Friends and family are welcome but have to pay for transport.

  • Caving

    Caving adventure

    Caving is the combination of 3 outdoor sports: rock climbing – hiking – abseiling.

    About a caving trip

    We provide all the climbing and lighting equipment. The tougher parts are the climbing and the abseiling, which will challenge both your fitness level and your courage. No steps, no decoration, just a beautiful and natural cave, huge enough that it will take about a day to fully explore it. This trip however requires that you have some outdoor and/or climbing experience (at least once).

    *Full day caving arrangements:

    • 09:00 Pick-up at your hotel, check equipment and clothing

    • 09:50 Arrival by the mountain, start hiking

    • 10:30 Arrival at the cave, instructions for equipment, coordination, abseiling technique and safety procedures

    • 11:20 Check supplies, enter the dark part of the cave

    • 15:00 Arrival at the well, rest and meal

    • 15:30 Climbing to the top of the well

    • 16:20 Follow a small trail, hike back and take the bus

    • 16:50 Head back to Yangshuo

    • 17:30 Back at your hotel

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